Our Story


It all began with two South African women who had the vision to disrupt the technology and business sector in Africa.

Praneetha Aniruth and Nureshka Viranna are two Entrepreneurs from Durban, South Africa. They were invited by Facebook Africa to attend the launch of the ‘She Means Business Campaign’. The goal was to educate female Entrepreneurs on the different Facebook tools and other learning portals to help them in business.

They decided to then use the ethos of She Means Business and extend it to the different aspects of entrepreneurship by building a community around the initiative.

Praneetha Aniruth

Praneetha Aniruth is a 46-year-old Tech Entrepreneur from Durban who is a Co-Founder Carver Media and other startups. She comes from a background in marketing, broadcasting and corporate insurance. Praneetha entered the tech industry 15 years ago and specialized in Google Ads and Digital Innovation.

Whilst her team works with both the corporate and big business sector, much of her time is spent helping small business use online tools to grow, increase sales and make money.

She has spoken at many conferences, masterclasses and is a fierce advocator for women in technology. In February 2020, Praneetha was invited by Harvard University to be a part of the conference highlighting the “Changing Face of Entrepreneurship in Africa.”

She is married to Avilash Aniruth and is mom to Avthar and Avaan.

Nureshka Viranna

Nureshka Viranna is a 29-year-old female Technology Entrepreneur based in South Africa.

She is the director and co-founder of Shopli, a specialist eCommerce company that helps people sell their products and services online.

Nureshka resigned during her second year of teaching to co-found Shopli. She is recognised as an innovator in the industry and has helped many businesses start marketplaces, eLearning platforms, online malls and drop shipping stores.

Nureshka was nominated for the Fairlady Santam Rising Star Award, and twice as an Inspiring Fifty nominee, inspiring South African women in the technology and innovation sector. She appeared in several publications including Destiny Connect, Lionesses of Africa and Leading Ladies Africa. Her greatest accolade was being recognised as a Forbes Africa Top 30 Under 30 in the Technology category.

Due to her expertise, she is often invited to speak at conferences and participate on panel discussions. Her daily objective is to help people grow businesses through innovation and technology.